About Us

Nora Hall and Karen Gray are experienced consultants. They are known for their work:

  • Creating systems and advising on policy-fair and equitable assistance for needy families
  • Working with start-up organizations on strategic planning, business planning and fund development and implementation
  • Facilitating community, government, partner and organizational planning, policy, advocacy and project implementation meetings
  • Community and employee engagement planning, facilitation and implementation to build public support for education and community development
  • Capacity building work with nonprofit staff and boards to assist organizations in developing structures, program and fund development tracking systems and implementation
  • Partnering with organizations to help structure and build collaborations and partnerships to support public school student achievement, access to higher education, youth programs, and community development
  • Evaluation, assessment and audit work to assist organizations in creating more equitable and balanced staffing, services and policies
  • Working in the fields of affordable housing, economic development, educational achievement, health, human services, corrections, youth programs, media, higher education, public education, charter schools, government programs, publishing, marketing.

Nora Hall, Ph.D. | Managing Partner

Nora D. Hall has over 20 years of experience in research, management, education, program evaluation, organization and leadership development and was the founder of a leadership program that was housed at the University of Minnesota for 11 years. In 1997, Nora Hall was a Research Fellow at the Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

Karen Gray, M.S. | Senior Partner

Karen Gray has over 20 years experience in consulting, planning, evaluation and research for new business development in entrepreneurial and established firms. Prior to founding GrayHall LLP, she worked as a rehabilitation/employment counselor and evaluator.

A management consulting firm
specializing in research, evaluation, planning, and communications

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Our Services

  • Research, Evaluation, Planning & Communications
  • Critical Assessments of Programs, Projects & Organizational Outcomes
  • Data Collection, Report Writing, Assessment & Evaluation
  • No Short Cuts™
  • StrategicTeaming™
  • SpeedPlanning©
  • Meeting Design & Facilitation
  • Management Coaching & Team Building

Our clients

"I thought you guys were fabulous and have no suggestions for improvement."

- Community Philanthropy Officer

"Well, well, looks like you have won over one of the toughest fans around. It is truly wonderful knowing that our board is able to transfer some trust beyond the executive director. Thank goodness! By the way, I appreciate your work!"

- Nonprofit Director

"I want to be among the many to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job accomplished with the article reporting the history of Black Philanthropy in Minnesota. I could not put the article down and in fact, I asked my secretary to hold all of my business calls until I had read the entire article. This information being publicized is long overdue. It has enlightened me and restored my pride, hope and intention to take on the challenges to get the community even more engaged with supporting those institutions that provide important safety nets for people of color."

- Executive Director, Nonprofit Organization

"I would like to say thank you for your successful search for the new executive director. [...] Without your work, we would not stand. I appreciate your work."

- Nonprofit Board Member