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We help organizations plan and grow in today’s competitive environment.

GrayHall LLP is a management consulting firm specializing in research, evaluation, planning and communications. We've been serving business, healthcare, education, government, cultural, religious and nonprofit groups since 1987.

Strategic planning

GrayHall has helped clients find creative and innovative solutions to their organizational needs. GrayHall’s expertise includes leading planning sessions; designing, coordinating, and implementing large-scale projects; developing policies, facilitating meetings and teaming processes; designing curriculum and evaluations; and providing technical assistance, professional development, and developing media for the workplace. Our staff has expertise in scientific research methods, including quantitative and qualitative analysis; community engagement content and pedagogy; and conducting research in a variety of public policy organizations, higher education institutions, after-school programs, school systems and nonprofit settings.

leading initiatives

GrayHall specializes in work that informs organizations’ decisions and practices. We have worked with a variety of local and national customers, including corporations, legal firms, small businesses, faith groups, foundations, government organizations, higher education institutions, statewide networks, individual schools, school districts, and nonprofits. Projects have included initiatives in neighborhood improvement, community organization, housing, leadership development; school-based programs, philanthropic activities, environmental scans, assessments, and evaluations for local and national programs; and broad-based community, state, and national studies involving populations and programs of interest to community leaders and policy makers.

Management support

GrayHall offers an intensive system of leadership and management support to organizations that are initiating new programs, processes, and services. Our work is based on the current research and thinking about highly effective, quality-driven organizations, partnerships, and collaborations. GrayHall invests in continuing education so that our employees can stay current on organizational trends and research.

No Short Cuts™

GrayHall is the executive producer of No Short Cuts™, a nationally distributed DVD series on leadership and culture in service environments. The principal associates of GrayHall have been recognized locally and nationally for their research and writing about professionals and their work environments.

A management consulting firm
specializing in research, evaluation, planning, and communications

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Our Services

  • Research, Evaluation, Planning & Communications
  • Critical Assessments of Programs, Projects & Organizational Outcomes
  • Data Collection, Report Writing, Assessment & Evaluation
  • No Short Cuts™
  • StrategicTeaming™
  • SpeedPlanning©
  • Meeting Design & Facilitation
  • Management Coaching & Team Building

our clients

"Thank you on behalf of our organization for everything you have done. We would have NEVER been able to do all this without you."

- Nonprofit Executive Director

"Thanks so much for your fine work on the Potential Program Transitions Report! I reviewed the report again today [...] and it looks great. [...] We will use the conclusions from this process to guide future communications and all remaining grant-making activity. So thanks again for giving us a good foundation for these future discussions and decisions. It's always a pleasure working with you."

- City Manager

"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job facilitating on Saturday. It went really well and your expertise was needed for Saturday's agenda. Again thanks for your hard work as we move our initiatives forward."

- School District Administrator